Amuz Distribution Closes Its First Deal Under Rebrand

26 June 2023

Licensed Format of award-winning scripted comedy series

Writer’s Block to Gaumont U.S. for a Spanish-language version

Quebec City, Canada and at Conecta in Spain (AND Conecta) – June 26, 2023:   Alex Avon, Vice President of Global Distribution for Amuz Distribution (Amuz) today announced its first deal under the recent rebrand from ComediHa! Distribution – a format license deal for the award-winning scripted comedy series, Writer’s Block. Amuz is an international distribution company dedicated to great comedy and feel-good scripted and unscripted content. Gaumont U.S. licensed the format of the comedy series which will be overseen by its Latin American team and produced in Spanish. This marks the first sale of the intellectual property (IP) in a decade.

Alex Avon, Vice President of Global Distribution for Amuz Distribution made a significant announcement today, marking its first deal since the recent rebrand from ComediHa! Distribution. This exciting development involves a format license agreement for the highly acclaimed scripted comedy series, Writer’s Block. Amuz, an international distribution company, focuses on delivering exceptional comedy and heartwarming scripted and unscripted content. Gaumont U.S. has secured the rights to produce a Spanish version of this comedy series, making it the first sale of the intellectual property (IP) in over a decade. The project will be overseen by their Latin American team, based in Los Angeles.

Writer’s Block, winner of 11 Gémeaux awards (Quebec’s highest TV honour) is a tale of two TV showrunners at the end of their ropes. After the resounding failure of their implausible procedural series The Law of Justice, they are forced by their producers to write another season. To restore their honour, and shake their reputation as flimsy researchers, they decide to get authentic criminal experience to spice up their second season. Will their attempts at duplicating their fiction in the real-world bring credibility to their script or merely attract unwanted attention from darker players? Fiction abruptly clashes with reality in a twisted sense of humor.

Writer’s Block, recipient of 11 Gémeaux Awards (the highest TV accolades in Quebec), tells the story of two TV showrunners who find themselves at the end of their creative ropes.  Following the colossal failure of their far-fetched crime drama series, The Law of Justice, they are compelled by their producers to produce another season. Determined to regain their reputation and dispel notions of being shallow researchers, they embark on a quest to acquire genuine criminal experiences that will infuse authenticity into their second season. Will their efforts to replicate fiction in reality bring credibility to their script, or will they unwittingly attract the attention of more sinister forces? As fiction collides head-on with reality, a twisted sense of humor ensues.

Avon said “Amuz Distribution is excited to close the first deal with our new company brand and are especially pleased that it is with Gaumont – a truly fantastic partner. We are looking forward to seeing the Spanish-language version of Writer’s Block and are sure that everyone will enjoy the series. This deal ensures that we are continuing our mission of “keeping the world feeling good!”

About Amuz Distribution

Based in Quebec City, Amuz Distribution was launched in May 2023, fka ComediHa! Distribution, with a mission to spread comedy and feel-good content around the world, both scripted and unscripted.
Amuz expands on ComediHa! Distribution’s mission to create and sell finished programmes and originals by securing and leveraging all rights and adopting a full 360-degree approach to content. The rebranding to become Amuz Distribution was made possible by a generous contribution by Fonds Quebecor, Canada Media Fund and SODEC. The funds, in the short term, will be used to acquire new comedy and feel-good global programming to grow Amuz Distribution’s library, while developing in-house and securing new co-production and broadcast partners. Current award-winning titles include: Writer’s Block, In Lieu of Flowers, The Phoenix, About Antoine, and more.  Amuz Distribution – keeping the world feeling good.

International Media Contact for Amuz Distribution
(Ms.) MJ Sorenson,
CEO of MJ Global Communications LLC T: +1-917-386-7569

Canadian Media contact for Amuz Distribution  
Marie-Josée Tremblay/ T: 1-418-473-2700

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